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Philo 10, Sir Bernard Caslib

Year Taken: Summer 2013

Schedule: MTWHF 3-5PM

            I was one of the people who decided to Google good GE professors before enlisting in my first free choice GE since I entered UP, and one of the profs that came up in my search was Sir Bernard Caslib. From reading different reviews of him on blogs and PinoyExchange, I knew immediately that I had to enlist in his class.

          The Philo 10 experience under Sir Caslib is definitely not easy. Most people I know would look for easy unos and “petiks” classes when it comes to GEs. The Sir Caslib experience does not give that. In his class, 1.00s are only given to those who work hard and are deserving, so if you’re looking for a sure-uno Philo class, then step away from his course. It’s not the one for you.

          Philo 10 under Sir Caslib means having to read. And by read, I don’t mean a two-page article every now and then. In his class, one must read approximately 15 pages before the start of every class. On a regular semester, this would probably be manageable, but because I took Philo 10 in the summer, the amount of readings was enough to drive me insane. Fortunately, it’s only difficult for the first two to three sets of readings. One learns how to manage them and read as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible. In fact, once you’ve finished all your readings, you will miss having to read, as all the readings for this class are actually interesting, relevant, and eye-opening.

          Philo 10 under Sir Caslib also means having to get out of your comfort zone. You will be forced to dance, act, and sing in front of the whole class. Make a dance number related to Philosophy? Sing Karaoke in class? Use Filipino movie lines in a skit in order to define the meaning of life? Yup, Sir Caslib’s Philosophy class makes you do all those and more. Oh, and if you think you’re not creative, think again. Philo 10 will squeeze whatever creativity can be squeezed out of you.
Oh, and remember those GEs wherein you didn’t know anyone at all because all everyone did was stay silent in their own seats? This class is not one of them. Under Sir Caslib, we were made to do a lot of groupworks. You will definitely not get out of this class without forming a bond with the 20+ people who share class with you. This is definitely one of the things I am most grateful for in my Philo 10 experience: as a CS freshie, my social network in UP was extremely limited. Fortunately, Philo 10 allowed me to meet people from different batches in different colleges such as graduating students from HRIM, fellow sophomores from CAL, and juniors from CFA and Eng’g. And the thing is, you don’t just meet them and end the semester as acquaintances. The Philo 10 experience allows you to bond with your classmates because even if the work is heavy, when shared with other people, everything you have to do in this class becomes fun. Of course, creating and maintaining friendships in Philo 10 is still a choice, but it’s a choice that you definitely won’t regret making. Every activity can mean an extra outing or “gala” after class, the final weekend can mean a sem-ender, after the Charity event, you can choose to go out with your newfound Philo friends. In Sir Caslib’s Philo 10, making friends and keeping them is a highly encouraged choice.

              Oh and how can I forget about Sir Caslib! Sir Caslib is amazing. He is witty, smart, and knowledgeable in everything he teaches. Every class with him doesn’t even feel like a class, it just feels like a conversation with a friend. Sometimes it even feels like a talk show. I promise you will never get bored when he is speaking – he just has brilliant insights on everything from the Filipino culture to love and sex. You won’t fall asleep in his class. Most likely, you wouldn’t dare to, but honestly, it doesn’t take any effort to stay awake. Just read your readings or else you’ll be taken aback when he decides to grill you randomly. Every class with Sir Caslib this summer made me very happy – class with him is always thrilling and exciting. Because of him, it’s never a chore to attend Philo 10.

          Overall, my Philosophy 10 experience was a highly fruitful one. I may not have attained a 1.0 in this course, but I gained experiences worth sharing and friends worth keeping. It was hard – oh, just wait for midterms and final paper season – but this is surely the best GE course I’ve taken in UP so far and I have absolutely no regrets in taking it. You really become a different person after Philo class, be it because of the readings or because of your experiences. You don’t come out of Philo 10 the same person as you were before – you really become so much better. And I think this should be the whole point of classes in UP: more than 1.0s, one should strive for self-improvement. Sir Caslib’s class is the perfect way to do so.
             Enlist in his class, go to the field trip, and don’t cram your final paper. It’s a leap of faith, but trust me. You’ll do fine.

blair waldorf kicks butt.

where to go from here? up, of course. there's no way but up!

I'm sick of putting all my effort in and seeing it go nowhere.

Honestly honestly?
These types of heartbreaking events are what make me stronger, smarter, and better than before---

Honestly honestly honestly?

I'm tired of these "trying times" and "learning experiences" and fuck, they're stupid mistakes no need for freaking euphemisms. I'm just really really sick of it all and...

I don't know. I think I need to rethink things because every day, my heart gets shattered and every week, my dreams decide it'd be funny to run far, far away from me.

Maybe I'll concede and admit to the fact I need a new dream, but wouldn't that be tantamount to giving up? Ugh.

I don't know anything anymore!!!
blair waldorf kicks butt.

nobody said it would be easy....



I've been sleeping at 1-2AM lately and it's CONSISTENT. That's not a good thing. :( And I really have this feeling that it's gonna be the same way throughout junior year.

Junior = Torture...
It rhymes.

OMG gaaaaiiiissssss....
I want to be able to sleep normally again!!!

(But gosh, school itself, minus the homework, is such a fun and enriching experience. I did NOT expect that.)
blair waldorf kicks butt.


Last week was disastrous -- I was hospitalized, I got sick, I missed a ton of schoolwork that eventually I'll have to make up for. I was so scared that because I was absent for a whole week, my whole school year would be ruined.

Today proved me wrong.

Finally, finally things are falling into place.

Maybe junior year and I can be friends after all... we'll see.

For now I'll just keep smiling.
God gave me way too many things to smile about today... I'd rather not waste this opportunity to be happy.

Hee ♥

(And no, my love life is still dead unfortunately.)
blair waldorf kicks butt.


Hola hola!

It's been a while.


I can't quite grasp the fact that Fullmetal Alchemist is, indeed, over. I remember getting into the fandom /before/ my grandfather died (that was way back in 2004) -- Izzy-senpai (one of my senpais back in the day... so much memories from when I was most active in the internet) used Winry-chan in a layout, I found the art pretty, and that pretty much set everything off.

I can type my whole history with the series here -- which is a 7-year on/off love affair that I have shared with so.many.different.people... but that would be lame and boring

(I would know, because I actually typed it down and found it too boring for anyone to read, so I deleted it and typed this instead.)...

I broke down sobbing with that last chapter. I cried, more than I did for Harry Potter's ending.
And it hit me like a big yellow school bus -- that it has ended, that everything ends, and that time flies so incredibly fast.


Arakawa-sensei, thank you for your masterpiece that taught me a lot about life... and for changing everything I learned with that last chapter, and making what I learned into so much more.

Because Equivalent Exchange doesn't exist.
You never gain what you lose -- not all the time, at least.
But you have the choice in life to give, and give, and give.
And though you might not get back what you give,
you gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.

And that really is something else.

(It definitely is something to live by, isn't it?)


Consider this as my comeback to LJ post. But with me, comebacks don't really last long. :)

So, we're getting older:
Junior year in four days! 

I'm excited, but not really. I'm rather surprised, actually, because I can still remember seventh grade, sixth grade, fifth grade... I didn't think I was THAT old, till I realized the only batch higher than ours is Mai and Rissa's batch, and I never (and I still don't) think of them as old.

Bah. Oh well.
blair waldorf kicks butt.

I was bored, and decided to finally do this


&a n i m u;
Full Metal Alchemist ♥ GetBackers ♥ Higashi no Eden ♥ K-on! ♥ Ouran Host Club ♥ Suzumiya Haruhi ♥ Tantei Gakuen Q ♥ Vampire Knight
...among many others

&w e s t e r n;
Harry Potter ♥ Twilight ♥ Gossip Girl ♥ House MD ♥ High School Musical ♥ Dancing With the Stars ♥ So You Think You Can Dance

&b i s h i;
Hanabusa Aido ♪ Roy Mustang ♪ Amano Ginji ♪ Kuroudo Akabane ♪ Maes Hughes ♪ Hiiragizawa Eriol ♪ Takizawa Akira ♪ Suo Tamaki ♪ Ootori Kyoya ♪ Kyon ♪ Koizumi Itsuki ♪ Kiryuu Zero

&o t p;
eriol/tomoyo ♪ mustang/hawkeye ♪ ed/winry ♪ akabane/himiko ♪ akabane/ginji ♪ saki/akira ♪ tamaki/haruhi ♪ kyoya/renge ♪ kaoru/renge ♪ kyon/haruhi ♪ itsuki/haruhi ♪ aido/yori ♪ aido/ruka ♪ zero/yuuki ♪ draco/ginny ♪ blaise/hermione ♪ jacob/bella ♪ blair/chuck ♪ eric/jenny ♪ blair/serena ♪ house/cuddy ♪ chase/cameron ♪ ryan/gabriella ♪ chad/sharpay
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blair waldorf kicks butt.


HEY BARKADA. hahaha. Just an entry to remember today by. The things that made me vurr vurr happyyy.
  • The man who ate nails and glass :| wtf
  • Rearranging test papers :)))))) Miss Tan reminds me of a darker more emo version of...someone we all know =))
  • Pizzaaaas. /:) Garlic! And the SWEET ORGANIC SALT. wtf?!?!?! =))
  • WiiiiiiTennis! :D Anica was so so good on her first try at ever touching a wii. And she wasn't beaten =)) Until I killed her with the superserves. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry Anica. The superserves are cool B-) 
  • Orange shoes :>
  • Karen's barumbadong driver.
  • @-) Senior got mad at us! LOL.
  • Homaigulayyyy Anica chocolate is too hot fml fml fml :"> And JAMES and Mike Newton HUMPING A FRIKKIN TREE OK.
  • Most awkward movie ever. *ARM MOVEMENT*
  • The plot came in 1 hour and ten minutes into the movie. The climax was at 1 hour twenty three. =))))))))))
  • The barkada clock AND OUR BARKADA HOUSE. WTF =)) 
  • OMG OMG OMG BINGO AND 90 HAHAHAHAHA. BASKETBALLLLL~ And our "stalkers" :"> =))
  • Foccaaaciaaaahhh
Ok yeah. Twilight the movie sucks.
blair waldorf kicks butt.

my friends are loooove. :D


Erica. Anica. Karen. Nina.

the best people i have ever met. :)
&& the people whom i know i can have the most fun with!

whether it be
getting kicked out of fully booked (ano yun, library?)
eating cheap meals at kfc
"6" and "9" and "45" :>
getting playboy pins :))
dancing to mamma mia
making fools of ourselves in front of the whole mall

i had fun. <3

study hard, party harder. (chericanikarenina'0809)
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